University of Texas signs Charlie Strong to a five year contract

StrongThe college football world swirled with rumors for the better part of weeks as to who would replace Mac Brown as the Longhorns’ head coach, with many believing the University of Texas could entice legendary coach Nick Saban away from Alabama. In the end, Texas chose another big name, coming to terms with Charlie Strong, the head coach of the Louisville Cardinals. The signing was historic as Strong will be Texas’ first African-American head coach, and will hopefully bring some defensive toughness to a team that sorely needs it. [Read more...]

New bill to make reporting sexual assaults mandatory in California

GavelCampus safety is an enormous concern for students. However, several lawsuits filed by college students against UC Berkeley, the University of Southern California and Occidental College have called campus officials’ diligence regarding crime reporting into question. A new bill may soon force California colleges and universities to report all incidents of sexual violence and hate crimes to law enforcement.

Bill AB 1433, sponsored by California Assemblyman Mike Gatto and introduced January 6th, would make officials at California State colleges and universities responsible for informing the local police or sheriff’s department of allegations of violent crimes unless the victim specifically disallows it. The penalty for failing to report these crimes would render the college liable for negligence. [Read more...]

UT Austin engineers publish plans for an invisibility cloak

PotterYou might think that invisibility cloaks belong to the realm of fantasy and comic books. Not so, for researchers at the University of Texas at Austin’s Cockrell School of Engineering.

Recent Paper Outlines New Invisibility Design

According to recent reports from the Cockrell School, faculty members have completed plans for the first ever battery-powered invisibility cloak. Andrea Alù is an associate professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and heads the team that has developed the proposal. [Read more...]

Court rules Florida public colleges cannot have extra firearm regulations

GunFlorida state colleges and universities cannot have their own regulations concerning firearms on campus since all gun rules are to be established under state law, according to a recent ruling by the First Florida District Court of Appeals.

The ruling in a case brought by a University of North Florida commuter student against the school is the first, under a state preemption statute since it was amended in 2011, to allow for penalties to be assigned to state agencies found not to be in compliance. [Read more...]

Why California’s college and university students are so important to Obamacare

NeedleThere is no doubt that Obamacare has been a controversial and polarizing policy right from the time it was introduced. This is partly due to the complicated nature of the bill and people picking and choosing parts of it to support their own agendas. Both people for and against this act now understand how important the support of healthy adults aged 20 to 30 is. These so-called “young invincibles” will offset the costs of sick or older patients, because they won’t need expensive medical care. [Read more...]

University of Texas receives record-breaking donations in 2013

University of TexasAlthough fiscal year 2013 officially ended in August, reports are just now showing that this past year was an especially good one for the University of Texas System.

For the second year running, the UT System has realized over $1.2 billion in philanthropic support. The news marks the second most successful fundraising year in history for the 15 institutions in the system. The trend for the past five years has been a steady upward slope, with donations increasing each year.

The UT System includes nine academic and six health institutions; a few boast achievements ranked nationally, and are driving forces of the recent fundraising boom. [Read more...]

Bill would allow veterans to pay in-state tuition at Florida public colleges

Thank YouA bill to waive out-of-state tuition fees for veterans recently passed the Florida State Senate Education Committee.

If it passes the full legislature, the bill, “Young Veteran Tuition Bill,” will mean that those veterans and reservists who were honorably discharged from the military will be able to attend state-sponsored schools in the State University of Florida College systems and pay only the much less expensive in-state tuition. [Read more...]

University of California’s $5 million initiative for undocumented students causes controversy

UCChildren born to illegal immigrant parents are U.S. citizens by birth, but they face a tremendous amount of uncertainty, especially in regards to education. Most people understand that one of the main obstacles facing undocumented students is the high cost of college and university. Although there is no law in place that would prevent undocumented immigrants from attending secondary education, financial limitations often prevent them from enrolling.

An Impressive $5 million Initiative

University of California President Janet Napolitano’s $5 million initiative is set to assist and aid undocumented students, but a new issue that has arisen is how these funds will be allocated. Administration staff and chancellors were sent letters from Napolitano regarding allocation plans on Dec. 18, 2013. [Read more...]