Florida Hospital gives UCF College of Nursing $1M Grant

UCFThe University of Central Florida College of Nursing has just gotten a grant of one million dollars to set up an endowed chair for the purposes of healthcare simulation.

This will lend support to the development and research of enhanced simulation technology to improve the educational process associated with healthcare. A computer engineer and scientist has been appointed to the position.

The interim dean of the nursing college said that she is grateful to the Florida Hospital for its incredible generosity. She said that the new chair highlighted the College of Nursing’s goal of becoming a leader in the nation when it comes to creating and working with new technologies to enhance health care and nursing education, as well as patient delivery. She said that patient outcomes will be improved by this grant.

This is not the first endowed chair at the university. This is the sixth endowed chair at the College of Nursing, and it is the second chair that this particular hospital has given. The first chair was in the College of Medicine.

The person appointed to the chair was welcomed with open arms. The chief clinical officer of the hospital said that he (Dr. Gregory Welch) brought considerable education and experience in simulation form a different and distinct culture that was not a part of health care, and that they believe he will challenge the thinking about medical simulation in the right ways. He went on to say that he believes that his work will have a great effect on both clinical operations and health care education. The Florida Hospital approach to simulation in health care is being expanded through the competence and hard work of Dr. Gregory Welch.

Welch is no dummy. He is a Ph.D., a research scientist, and a computer engineer. He worked on the Voyager Spacecraft Project at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in NASA, and he worked at Northrop-Grumman before he went into teaching. His main focus is currently enhancing the simulated patients that are used in the education of health care professionals and nurses, as well as in myriad uses of technology for patient care.

Someone said that computer scientists aren’t meant to develop technology in a vacuum, that they are rather craftsmen who support the work of other people. Health care professionals support people every single day, so many computer scientists have great feelings about lending their support to them. This is the sentiment that Dr. Gregory Welch expressed recently.

The tenured chair position entails appointments to the UCF nursing facility, the Simulation and Training Institute, and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

This will be a great move for everyone involved: Dr. Gregory Welch, the Florida Hospital, and The University of Central Florida College of Nursing. This is a win-win-win situation, and everyone involved is happy about it. This was not the first chair appointed by the Florida Hospital, and it will certainly not be the last.