Providence College hopes to contain meningitis cases

NeedleProvidence College, a small Catholic university in Rhode Island, made headlines last week when it was discovered that a student had been infected with meningococcal meningitis, a potentially life-threatening condition.  The student was immediately hospitalized and given antibiotics – as were his close contacts so as to avoid developing the infection themselves – but now the school has another case to worry about on their hands.  This week, another student on the campus was labeled a “probable case” of the infection.  This student, too, is now hospitalized.  It is not known whether or not the two knew each other and would have been in contact, or if the cases developed independently. [Read more…]

College might not be for everyone

StudentsShould all students be heading to college after high school? That question is the subject of a recent Forbes article released last week. The article, which examines arguments for and against higher education in today’s cultural and economic climate, is not only a powerful piece in its own right, but seems to be a fairly blatant rebuttal to a recent New York Times article that concluded, unequivocally, that college is the way to go for everyone. [Read more…]