California Colleges and Universities

Are you college-bound and dreaming of California? Well you’re not alone! In addition to the beautiful scenery and enviable climate, California has some of the best colleges in the country and educates more students than any other state. From community colleges to the Ivy League, you can choose from California’s wide variety of strong liberal arts colleges and world-class private research universities.

Something to Write Home About

Along with plenty of sunshine and coastline, California is home to the most colleges and universities of any state with more than 700 schools from which to choose. California is also home to some of the most prestigious schools in the world including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, Caltech and UCLA. It’s no wonder that some of the most famous people in America have attended California schools. Barack Obama attended Occidental College for two years, Steven Spielberg earned his degree from CSU Long Beach, Tom Hanks majored in Theater at California State University in Sacramento and Tiger Woods went to Stanford University.

Show Me the Money!

California is known for having one of the highest costs of living in the United States and the state’s budget has not been immune to the recent recession. Perhaps you are wondering how this may have affected financial aid and other monetary resources California schools offer. In 2013, California passed Proposition 13, which directed substantial funding to colleges in the state. Many colleges throughout California are utilizing that money by offering additional courses and resources to students. Education is becoming more affordable, particularly at California’s most popular colleges and universities.

Rich Diversity

California State University has 23 different campuses, which span from San Diego with its popular California State University campus, up to California State University, Long Beach. Some of the top private schools in the state include Claremont McKenna College, California Institute of Technology, Mount St. Mary’s College and Pomona College. As if these weren’t enough to choose from, the University of California has nine campuses including the University of California, Los Angeles, and the University of California, Berkeley. Rounding out the field are the well-known University of Southern California and UCLA.

The Choice Is Yours

With so many great choices for colleges and universities in California, it can be a bit of a challenge to know how to choose which one would be best for you. California is a state with a very diverse range of climates and cultures. Consider narrowing your prospective list by zeroing in on one of the many metropolitan areas in the state. Would you thrive in the exciting, cutting edge scene of Los Angeles, or the contemporary, political atmosphere of Sacramento? If a more laid-back vibe is for you then consider the scenic city life of San Francisco or the sun-drenched, beach life of San Diego.

Regardless of which school you choose in California, you are sure to enjoy the many riches of this vibrant, thriving state while getting a high quality education at an affordable price.