The American flag will fly once again at UC Irvine

US FlagStudent government is an interesting beast.  In many ways, it prepares students interested in a career in politics or any kind of leadership for the type of hurdles they may have to endure out in the real world.  Other times, one is reminded that things still work a little bit differently at the college level.  Some decisions, like the banning of the American flag from a campus building lobby, simply wouldn’t fly – no pun intended – in a local, city, state, or federal government setting.  The building in question is a building that houses, among other things, the student government offices on the campus of the University of California, Irvine. [Read more…]

Providence College hopes to contain meningitis cases

NeedleProvidence College, a small Catholic university in Rhode Island, made headlines last week when it was discovered that a student had been infected with meningococcal meningitis, a potentially life-threatening condition.  The student was immediately hospitalized and given antibiotics – as were his close contacts so as to avoid developing the infection themselves – but now the school has another case to worry about on their hands.  This week, another student on the campus was labeled a “probable case” of the infection.  This student, too, is now hospitalized.  It is not known whether or not the two knew each other and would have been in contact, or if the cases developed independently. [Read more…]

Arizona Navajo Reservation resident heads to Stanford University

UniversityIt’s no secret that the system of higher education has presented a lower barrier to access for some groups than for others. Though perhaps not a conscious design choice, this discrepancy often ends up putting those who already may be disenfranchised at risk of a further disadvantage. One group, residents of Native American tribal reservations, has had a particularly tough go of the higher education game, especially with many young kids growing up in places where traditions and family history may seem at odds with moving hundreds or even thousands of miles away to pursue higher education. [Read more…]

College might not be for everyone

StudentsShould all students be heading to college after high school? That question is the subject of a recent Forbes article released last week. The article, which examines arguments for and against higher education in today’s cultural and economic climate, is not only a powerful piece in its own right, but seems to be a fairly blatant rebuttal to a recent New York Times article that concluded, unequivocally, that college is the way to go for everyone. [Read more…]

Tennessee Promise set to lower barriers to higher education

GraduationTennessee governor Bill Haslam has been working on something special for Tennessee’s college hopefuls for some time now. It’s called the Tennessee Promise, and it’s been designed with the goal of having 55% or more of Tennessee’s adult population in possession of a college degree by 2025.

The program does a number of things to change the traditional path to higher education for its applicants: Any eligible student who applies will be able to go to a community college or the Tennessee College of Applied Technology without the need for entrance exams like the ACT or SAT, nor the need to pay tuition or any other fees for activities, student organization memberships, etc. These students will then be able to earn degrees for free, provided they check in regularly with an assigned mentor and maintain satisfactory academic standing with the institution they’re attending. [Read more…]

University of Washington Huskies unveil 3 new uniforms for 2014 season

StadiumThe University of Washington athletics department has recently unveiled a series of jerseys to be worn by its football players in the coming fall season. The uniforms – one for home games, one for away games, and one “alternate” design – have been developed by Nike designers working closely with the school. The final designs draw heavily not only on the school’s history but also on the lore of the Husky, the team’s long-running mascot. [Read more…]

UC San Diego receives generous gift from a grateful patient

ResearchUC San Diego can see their goals a little more clearly now, after an appreciative unnamed patient donated $6.5 million to the department of ophthalmology at the Shiley Eye Center on campus. The substantial gift will be used to help create the Richard C. Atkinson Laboratory for Regenerative Ophthalmology. [Read more…]

UC Santa Cruz receives big donation for environmental field study

Rain ForestUC Santa Cruz, nestled in the heart of green meadows and a sprawling redwood forest, has always been the greenest University of California. Rallies and drives supporting eco-friendly living and sustainability are common on the 6,088-acre campus. Now, as one of the largest contributions to the $300-million “Campaign for UC Santa Cruz,” the Packard Foundation has donated $2 million in support of another environmental cause: natural history fieldwork. [Read more…]